Analysis of online dictionaries and journals

KEY (corrcect answers are in bold and italics):

1. Where can the journals be found?

a)      on the internet -correct

b)      in the libraries

c)      on Facebook

2. What kind of information do these journals contain?

a)      research materials - correct

b)      biographies of famous people

c)      audio and video files - correct

3. What do we call most online journals where you have to pay to read full texts of the articles?

a)      subscription-based journals - correct

b)      pay-per-view access journals - correct

c)      open access journals

4. Where can open access journals be found?

a)      DOAJ specialised database - correct

b)      search engines - correct


5. In what formats are most electronic journals published?

a)      HTML - correct

b)      PDF - correct

c)      DOC - correct

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