Analysis of online dictionaries and journals

Online Journals (general overview)

Read the text about online journals and answer the questions afterwards:


Online journals, also known as electronic journals, e-journals, and electronic serials, are academic journals or that are published on the Web. They are a specialized form of an electronic document they have the purpose of providing material for academic research, and are formatted approximately like journal articles in traditional printed journals. Being in electronic form, articles sometimes contain metadata that can be entered into specialized databases, such as DOAJ, as well as the databases and search-engines for the academic discipline concerned.

Some electronic journals are online-only journals; some are online versions of printed journals, and some consist of the online equivalent of a printed journal, but with additional online-only (sometimes video and interactive media) material.

Most commercial journals are subscription-based, or allow pay-per-view access. That means you have to subscribe and pay a certain amount of money if you want to either read the article online or download it to your personal computer. Many universities subscribe in bulk to packages of electronic journals, so as to provide access to them to their students and faculty. It is generally also possible for individuals to purchase an annual subscription to a journal, via the original publisher.

An increasing number of journals are now available as online open access journals, requiring no subscription and offering free full-text articles and reviews to all. Some commercial journals do find ways to offer free materials. They may offer their initial issue or issues free, and then charge thereafter. Some give away their book reviews section for free. Others offer the first few pages of each article for free.

Most electronic journals are published in HTML and/or PDF formats, but some are available in only one of the two formats. A small minority publish in DOC, and a few are starting to add MP3 audio. (Summarised from Wikipedia)



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