Analysis of online dictionaries and journals

Online dictionaries

While searching for the information in English on the internet – looking through online journals, reading academic articles, summarising them, etc – it is impossible to get along without a good dictionary. The Internet is virtually “packed” with all kinds of dictionaries. Nevertheless, it may be really problematic to find a suitable one and to assess its reliability. While choosing a dictionary, you should, firstly, clearly understand the purpose you need the dictionary: to translate the word from one language into another, to find a substantial definition, to search for collocations, to check pronunciation, etc. Secondly, it is important to figure out whether you need a general or a specialized dictionary; whether you are interested in the general or specific meaning of a word or collocation. The next issue think about is reliability of the dictionary. Certainly online dictionaries of such well-known companies as Longman and Webster are by no means trustworthy. If you, on the other hand, are dealing with a small specific dictionary or even glossary, it is advisable to verify the information using various search engines and several dictionaries.

Below you may find an overview of the most commonly used internet dictionaries - both general and specific ones.

Keeleveeb: - various links to specific and general dictionaries

Oxford dictionary online:

A Finnish language based dictionary: – allows translation to various languages including Estonian (Viro)

A Finnish language based dictionary: - allows translation to various languages including Estonian (Viro)

Medical dictionary: - a good medical English-English dictionary

British National Corpus: - a place where you can find and check the existence of various collocations in English

A Russian language based dictionary:

A Russian language based dictionary:

Medical dictionary: – a good English- English medical dictionary online

A Russian language based dictionary and translator: - allows to translate into various languages

An English – Estonian general dictionary:

An English – English general dictionary:

Longman dictionary:

A Medical dictionary:

Cambridge dictionary: - a good general English – English dictionary

Medical dictionary:

English – Finnish medical dictionary:

General English – Estonian dictionary:

Medical dictionary:

Medical dictionary:

Medical dictionary:

OneLook dictionary:

Babylon 8: - an electronic dictionary, has to be downloaded

General English – English dictionary:

Environmental dictionary:

Eestikeele instituut: – Estonian – Estonian dictionary, Estonian – English dictionary, Estonian – Russian dictionary

Russian – English dictionary: – forum of translators

English - Estonian dictionary: 

German-English / English-German Online Dictionary:

Multilingual Environmental dictionary:

Construction Management Terms

ISI Multilingual Glossary of Statistical Terms:  

The nature protection dictionary is located in our server this moment temporary in "old" section:  In the future it will be located in some better place to quick usage.

The list is by far not comprehensive but the author believes that with the help of the above mentioned recommendations you will be able to assess any new online dictionary you happen to discover on the Web.

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