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August 11, 2011, irina.koksharova, Comments: 45

Dear students!

You all come from really diverse backgrounds and have various interests. Could you please provide more links to online journals here and add some comments according to the criteria discussed earlier.

Comments: 45

Karin Roth
October 31, 2011
Vet On-Line - The International Journal of Veterinary Medicine.
Edited by Walter Tarello, DVM.
It is a veterinary medicine journal where professionals can submit their researches, case reports, meta-analyses, review articles aso. Scientific papers will be peer reviewed and must be original. All articles can be read for free.

Karin Roth
October 31, 2011
Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine
Found one even more interesting journal that is free online. Published once in two months, has very high quality and covers many areas of internal medicine. Articles are available both in PDF and HTML forms. The same library offers wide variety of different veterinary medicine journals, books, etc.

Piret Metsamäe, Greete Kereme, Ketter Reinesberg
October 31, 2011
Vet Scan, an online veterinary journal that gives a review in veterinary science from all around the globe. It is published twice a year and is being indexed by CAB ABSTRACTS, AGRICOLA - United States Department of Agriculture and EBSCO. The articles are marked with key words that makes it easier to navigate the site and find a specific entry. The journal is organized, easy to use and free of charge. Entries must be original and are all peer-reviewed.

Anu Lehes
October 31, 2011

Veterinary world is a journal which focuses on Veterinary and Animal Science. You can read about bacteriology, parasitology, virology, immunology, Nutrition, Gynecology, Surgery and epidemiology. All the articles are free. It is published every month.

Anu Lehes
October 31, 2011

Veterinary world:

Mirjam Laht
October 31, 2011 (as PDF files) Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences has interesting articles of widespread fields of veterinary medicine from bacteria causing arthritis in chickens to different effects of using lasers to treat animals. It appears two times a year by the College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Mosul, Iraq. Unfortunately it has only 8 issues online.

Grete Uibo
October 31, 2011
Veterinary Research is free of charge online journal focusing on animal infection researches. All articles are original and peer-reviewed by experts chosen by the editor-in-chief. Research papers can be found by inserting keywords and there are even articles from 1970 up to the present day.

Kertu Brutus
October 31, 2011
The Journal of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Health (JVMAH) is an open access journal that provides rapid publication (monthly) of articles in all areas of the subject.

Nina Höglund
October 31, 2011
Journal of Clinical Medicine Recearch is an open access and peer-reviewed journal that publishes articles related to medical research and clinical practice bimonthly. This journal offers articles both in HTML and PDF forms. I found navigating on the webpage a bit difficult at first, but the articles seemed to be good quality. Maybe not related to animals, but medical research at least :)

Grete Uibo
October 31, 2011

Veterinary research papers from 1970 to 2010 about different infections is on homepage
Previous link is more about articles published this year. Article search is made rather easy: all authors are in alphabetical order, articles are sorted by year or by various keywords and there is also a search option.

Mareli Ots, Pillerin Paukson
November 01, 2011 - journal publishing original peer-reviewed research articles in all aspects of veterinary science and medicine. It is electronic-only, published by BioMed Central Ltd. It has the quick search bar and advanced search bar, so you can find easily what you need. All articles are published, without barriers to access.

Sanna Männistö, Aino Lehtinen
November 01, 2011
Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association. Journal is published twice a month and it includes latest news and researches about veterinary medicine. The journal can be read without registration.

Veera Strömmer, Sini Huttunen
November 01, 2011 Journal is published by Australian Veterinary Association. Web page is geared to public and also to vets. If you create an account you have access to all articles and sections. Journal is quite young: there is news from 2008 forth. Whole web page is very readable and easy to use.

Katarina Pirtonen, Julia Permikangas
November 01, 2011 is an open access journal of virology. It publishes reviews, research papers, communications and short notes. All of the published articles' accuracy is checked very well and the information you can get from this journal should be true. The structure of the journal is clear. We found it very easy to use the web page.

Jenni Varjonmaa, Marie Münster, Roosa Tervonen
November 01, 2011
DVM360 is an open access journal of American DVM Newsmagazine including veterinary news and top professional issues. The journal offers peer-reviewed articles featured by the most-trusted publications in the American market (DVM Magazine, Veterinary Economics...) and three national conventions. The articles undergo reviews by an editorial board and the intended audience is members of the veterinary profession. The authors are primarily professionals and members of some American veterinary associations but there are some articles by freelance writers, too. Navigating in pages is easy and you can find there many different topics from Animal welfare to Surgery.

Liis Maisla
November 01, 2011
Irish Veterinary Journal is an open access journal that publishes articles on all aspects of veterinary research involving both domestic and wild species of animals.

Merilin Niin, Els Rusi
November 01, 2011 The Manchester Guardian was founded by John Edward Taylor in 1821, and was first published on May 5 of that year. The Guardian and Observer newspapers and website are published by Guardian News & Media (GNM). There are different topics like environment, wildlife, animals etc.

Dagni-Alice Viidu
November 01, 2011
The Journal of Veterinary Science (J Vet Sci) is devoted to the advancement and dissemination of scientific knowledge concerning veterinary sciences and related academic disciplines. It is an international journal indexed in the Thomson Scientific Web of Science, SCI-EXPANDED, Sci Search, BIOSIS Previews, Biological Abstracts, Focus on: Veterinary Science & Medicine, Zoological Record, PubMed /MEDLINE, Index Medicus, Pubmed Central, CAB Abstracts / Index Veterinarius, EBSCO, SCOPUS, AGRIS and AGRICOLA.
This journal published in English by the Korean Society of Veterinary Science (KSVS) being distributed worldwide. It covers all the scientific and technological aspects of veterinary sciences in general, anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, microbiology, pathology, public health, parasitology, infectious diseases, clinical sciences , alternative veterinary medicine and other biomedical fields.

Any author(s) affiliated with a biomedical institution may submit manuscripts. Full text PDF files are available for free on the web at The Journal is printed by MEDrang Inc., Seoul, Korea.

The Journal of Veterinary Science is published four times per year (March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31).

Lotta Närhinen
November 01, 2011
This website provides all kinds of medical journals for free. It is refreshed regularly.

Kadri Jakoobi VM, 2. rühm
November 01, 2011 The Canadian Veterinary Journal, published by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, is the 'voice of veterinary medicine in Canada'. This monthly, peer-reviewed, general scientific publication features a wide variety of articles and regular columns intended for the veterinary practitioner. Also it notices of upcoming meetings, new product information, and book reviews.

Kristi Vilu, Grete Vask, Liina Kerme
November 01, 2011

The Veterinarian is the most widely-read veterinary magazine in Australasia, providing up-to date and independent news, views and in-depth clinical reviews, practical articles and commentary from leaders in the veterinary world. The Veterinarian magazine produces four major supplements each year, the renowned How To Treat each February, Nursing in April, Small Animals In August and Large Animals in November.

Kristi Vilu, Grete Vask, Liina Kerme
November 01, 2011

Noora Remes
November 02, 2011
An online journal of Equine Veterinary in UK. This one is specified in equine veterinary, and all the articles can be found in HTML and PDF files. There are also summaries of the articles so that you can easily find the main points of every article. I found it hard to use the page at first, but once you yet used to it this web page seems very useful and trustworthy.

Jonna Korkeamäki
November 02, 2011
The Israel Journal of Veterinary Medicine is the official publication of the Israel Veterinary Medical Association. It is published quarterly and is devoted to all aspects of veterinary medicine with emphasis on research and events in the Middle East and Mediterranean Basin. The journal is available both in english and hebrew.

Ida-Maria Kouvo
November 02, 2011 Hindawi Publishing corporation publishes the journal "Veterinary Medicine International". It is an open access journal where you can find not only original research articles but also reviews of articles concerning veterinary medicine. The editorial board consists mostly of native english speakers so the language should be correct and a good learning material.

Anastassia Avramenko
November 02, 2011 The New England Journal of Medicine.
The journal gives a wide overview of medicine today. With its help doctors can not only read helpful articles, but also upload photos with different diagnoses or practice in diagnostics. The journal contains articles on cardiology, oncology, dermatology etc. The journal is available both in text and audio format. Only you need – to register.

Elina Airola
November 02, 2011
the Veterinary Information Network (VIN) is a place where the professional and personal growth of veterinarians is the sole focus. VIN is strongly motivated in contributing to the development of our next generation
of colleagues. To demonstrate our belief in mentorship, VIN offers FREE VIN ACCESS
to University veterinary students, interns, residents, faculty, and academic support
staff, who register using their University email address. They publish several new articles every week.

Julia Olõkainen, Inga Kivimeister
November 02, 2011 - link to The Australian Veterinary Journal – the scientific online journal published by The Australian Veterinary Medical Association. The website allows viewing all the articles published by Australian veterinarians and scientists. Navigating the page is extremely easy and there is no advertisement on the webpage.

Brigitta Peterson
November 02, 2011 : The New Zealand Veterinary Journal (NZVJ) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal. The NZVJ publishes review articles, original research findings, clinical observations, rapid communications and correspondence covering all aspects of veterinary science, animal welfare and animal health aspects of animal science. The complete archive of the NZVJ (59 years of peer-reviewed veterinary science) is available online.

Katariina Haukijärvi, Anne-Mari Ahola-Olli and Anna-Reeta Aalto
November 03, 2011
Journal tells about British Veterinary Association (BVA) concern towards European European Parliament decision about bannig the use of prophylactic antibiotics. This may compromise animal welfare and lead to spread of infection in farms.

Helen Ramjalg
November 03, 2011 Open Veterinary Journal is an open-access journal. Publication in this journal is free and the main aim is to give information for researchers and people who are interested in animal diseases and welfare.

Sandra Holmström, Kaisa Koivisto, Essi Heikkinen
November 03, 2011

Veterinary Ireland is a monthly publication that covers all aspects of veterinary science. They carries veterinary news, articles, nursing features, clinical reports and so on. Page contains information from the current issue and downloadable sciefentic articles.

Roosa Hentunen
November 03, 2011 The journal tells about Dirofilaria immitis worm, a parasite which lives in the lung and heart vessels of a dog. This kind of worm was found in a dogs heart in Qatar. The worm had found never before in the Gulf area and in the journal they are wondering what has changed now and what are the reasons for that.

Heigo Hausenberg
November 03, 2011

Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica is the official journal of the Veterinary Associations of the Nordic Countries.

Paavo Pääkkönen
November 03, 2011
Variety of topics is largish and every article goes through an accurate inspection process which guarantees that the information is reliable.

Grete Rämmal
November 04, 2011
Journal: American Journal of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine is an international journal for the publication of the highest-quality scientific research in all branches of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine. The journal consists of evidence-based, scientific research materials in veterinary acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and Food therapy.
Accessibility: To read the full articles, one have to be a member and pay the membership fee (international veterinarians $85 per year).
Personal comment: i picked up the alternative journal, because of my personal interest and belief in Eastern medical approach as complement and augmentation to Western medical approach.

Katrin Kallastu
November 04, 2011 Canadian Journal of Veterinary Research, published by Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, is Canada's only veterinary research publication. This quarterly peer-reviewed journal has earned a wide international readership through the publishing of high quality scientific papers in the field of veterinary medicine. The journal publishes the results of original research in veterinary and comparative medicine including anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, microbiology, immunology, pathology, epidemiology, and clinical sciences.

Elin Põldemaa, Marie Helen Otti
November 04, 2011
Frontiers in Zoology is and open-access online journal supported by the German Zoological Society. It focuses on zoology as a whole by publishing research articles and reviews on all aspects of animal life. The journal is free and peer-reviewed, but if you want to publish an article you have to pay an article-processing charge. At first the articles seem quite complex, but they are all actually very well-structured which makes reading and understanding them much easier than it would normally be.

Silja Lukkariniemi
November 05, 2011 The site publishes articles about Veterinary medicine. It is easy to navigate on the page, because the menu is well ordered.

Sandra Siren
November 09, 2011
It´s one of the most larger journal of nature, animal and natural sciences. It´s created in 1886 in USA. Beganning of this autumn, it be published in Estonian, too.

Olli Saalasti
November 11, 2011 Provides lot of different medicine journals. Most of the journals are open access but some of them needs registration. Journals can be read in HTML or PDF form.

Marion Kade
November 20, 2011
Journal of Exotic Pet Medicine provides practitioners with a convenient, comprehensive, "must have" resource to enhance and elevate their expertise of exotic pet medicine. Access to full text is limited to print subscribers.

Diana Bukanova
November 25, 2011
Journal of Equine Veterinary Science (JEVS) is official publication of the Equine Science Society. Publisher is Anthony F. Trioli from Philadelphia.
Journal published monthly and includes a lot of useful information for the practicing equine veterinarian, equine researcher, and other equine health care specialist.

Madeleine Nousiainen
December 13, 2011
The Journal has three parts: scientific articles, other professional articles and news regarding the Association and veterinarians.

The scientific content of the Finnish Veterinary Journal is meticulously peer-reviewed. Before publication, every scientific manuscript is critically inspected and approved by one or more expertreferees and a professional editorial board.

Circulating Tumor Cells
June 08, 2012

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