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August 11, 2011, irina.koksharova, Comments: 18

Dear student,

I hope you have successfully completed the course and enhanced your competence in English. I would appreciate if you could spend a couple of minutes and share your impressions of the course with me.

Thank you,

Irina Koksharova

Comments: 18

Irina Koksharova
August 29, 2011

Dear student,
When you submit a form, could you, please, remember to include your name either in the beginning or the end of your post, otherwise the lecturer does not see it.

Karin Roth
November 29, 2011

This course has been rather interesting. I really enjoyed reading scientific articles and writing summaries. Will definately read more in the future. I had no idea there were so many professional online journals available! Very useful source of information for us while learning.
Karin Roth

Kaisa Koivisto
November 29, 2011

An Internet course was more than a good thing right now. It was nice to do those assignments when ever you wanted. The assignments were useful though they took quite much time (what we don´t have so much right now). But I am satisfied!

Katarina Pirtonen
December 07, 2011

This course was convenient, because the assignments were interesting and quite easy to do. Although the assignments took a little time, it was nice to think something else than usual school work...The articles were interesting and I learned a lot of new words from there.

Katariina Haukijärvi
December 07, 2011

This course was nice because we were able to do those assignments when ever we wanted. Assignments were quite laborious and took time but I learned a lot of new words and got new information.

Julia Permikangas
December 08, 2011

The course was a nice change from the usual. I like working on a computer and internet so this virtual course was more than perfect for me. I didn't know about the online journals either. I am sure they will be useful in the future as a source of information.

Lotta Närhinen
December 11, 2011

An internet course was a good idea, because it makes as familiar with the websites and links, which are useful for us in the future, too. However, major of the assignments were quite unclear and we understood them in different ways. I would concentrate on improving them.

Dagni-Alice Viidu, VM 2.rühm
December 12, 2011

I think that an internet course is a good idea, because it gives students opportunity to plan their time more by themself. But as there were a lot of deadlines, it was a bit hard to do all the tasks on time. I mean, that it would be easier to stick to the deadlines if we would have contact lessons every week (but who said that university should be easy?)
I personally liked the internet course and I think, that the information we gained about online journals and summarising, will be quite helpful during our studies.
Dagni-Alice Viidu

Anastassia Avramenko
December 15, 2011

It was a very useful experience for me. Virtual courses program was really interesting and informative. The only thing I`d like to mention, it was really difficult to do the assigments on time. But on the whole virtual course was a good idea! I learned a lot of new information and now I know how to summarise the main of large research artcile.

Anu Lehes
December 16, 2011

I think this English course was useful and interesting. The most difficult assignment for me was to analyse the journal article, but on the other hand I got a lot of new knowledge and vocabulary. I liked this course because I was able to do the course whenever I wanted.

Veera Strömmer
December 17, 2011

Virtual course was interesting and refreshing! I learned to search scientific information which is very important for the future. Assingments I have to criticize because they were difficult to understand.

Sini Huttunen
December 17, 2011

Virtual course was flexible and intensive way to study. I learned medical terminology and how to search scientific information. Because instructions caused sometimes misunderstandings, it might be a good idea to put all course information in one place.

Aino Lehtinen
December 17, 2011

I liked the virtual way, it is more flexible way than the traditional "classroom teaching". The assigments were good and made us to get know how to use Internet in the studies. It's very usefull to use these online articles and learn to understand them. We well need these skills in the future.

Heigo Hausenberg
December 20, 2011

In my opinion the conservative ''in-the-classroom'' practicing of languages is more effective than the virtual learning. The virtual class is more flexible then the eye-to-eye contact, however it's not suitable for language classes.
The things i learned: finding and reading scientific journals and writing academical summeries.

Sanna Männistö
December 23, 2011

I think most of comments are just the way I wanted to say. Over all good course. In my opinnion most usefull things in this course were collecting new information ja analysing it. It's nice to do something what you find usefull in the future. Sanna Männistö

Nina Höglund
December 30, 2011

I agree with most of the comments above. In my opinion this virtual course was a good idea, due to the flexibility. I had some problems with the instructions. This way of learning was a nice way to learn!

Irina Koksharova
January 12, 2012

Dear students,
thank you for your comments and criticism:) It was constructive and now I know how to improve the course in the future. It was my first try and taking that into consideration, I think most of the things went fine. Certainly, I agree with those who think contact classes may be more efficient sometime but you will have plenty of them during the spring term. The main aim behind this virtual course was to bring you to a certain common level so that it would be easier for us to continue work in spring:)
Best regards and looking forward to seeing you in late January,

April 14, 2014

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