Analysis of online dictionaries and journals

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Answer the following questions:

1. In what ways are Anglo-American and Estonian (Russian) patterns of academic writing differnet from the cultural point of view?

2. What is the „moto“ of academic writing?

3. What are the general characteristics of academic writing?

4. What does the writer have to remember about the aims of the reader reading a scientific paper?

5. What are the main strategies of academic writing?

6. What are the main steps of a research process?

7. What are the arts of a scientific paper in relation to the steps of the research process?

8. What are the major characteristics of a good title for a scientific paper?

9. What is an abstract and what are the main characteristics of this part of a scientific paper?

10. What information should an introduction of a scientific paper contain?

11. What are the grammar structures to be used in the „Methods“and „Results“ parts of the paper?

12. What are the essential issues to be remembered about the „Discussions“ and „Conclusions“ parts of the paper?

13. What are the major peculiarities of the formal register academic papers belong to?

14. What are the problematic issues of academic writing and how do you comment on them?

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